F.A.Q. Cabin Air Cleaning Service

What are your passengers breathing while you are driving?

The F.A.Q. Cabin Air Cleaning Service will help:

  • Kill viruses, mold, mildew, & bacteria on contact!

  • Eliminate odors associated with mold, mildew and more!

Cabin Air Cleaning Service was featured on the TV Show “Two Guys Garage”

Bacteria, Viruses & Molds love damp and dark environments where they are able to breed. These can rapidly grow inside your vehicle’s ventilation system and passenger cabin if left untreated.

(For more information, be sure to read this article from the Mold & Bacteria Consulting Laboratories of Canada: “How Germs Affect the Air Quality Inside of Your Car.”)

This service was featured on the TV Show “Two Guys Garage”. Check out the video!

Got Spores? Get FRESH!

When you drive, you want to breathe FRESH clean air! So get rid of the mold, bacteria, viruses and other spores that may be lurking in your vehicle’s cabin air / ventilation system, bye cleaning them out with F.A.Q.!

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Learn more! Download a PDF Brochure:

F.A.Q.Cabin Air Cleaning PDF

Cabin Air Cleaning

F.A.Q.Cabin Air Cleaning PDF (SPANISH)

Cabin Air Cleaning (SPANISH)




Meet the Enemy of Cabin Air:



Spore is a sneaky villain that loves to hang out in dark, damp environments such as your car’s ventilation system. Spores of all kinds can grow in there – viruses, mold, mildew, bacteria and more!  Having an F.A.Q. Fresh Air Quality Cabin Air Cleaning service every 6 months can kill the spores on contact and keep you and your passengers breathing FRESH CLEAN AIR when you are driving!






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