Cool-Rite® Cooling System Maintenance

Cooling System Failure is the #1 Cause of Highway Breakdowns.

For maximum performance, complete Cool-Rite Cooling System Service is recommended every 2 Years or 24,000 miles / 38,000 km (Except for extended life coolants) This service helps:

  • Rapidly remove rust & scale

  • Protect against coolant leaks

  • Maintain warranty requirements

  • Protect against breakdown

Car Cooling System

Checking and properly maintaining your cooling system can help prevent problems before they leave you stranded. That’s why many car manufacturers recommend replacing your coolant every 2 years or 24,000 miles / 38,000 km (Except for extended life coolants.)

Maintaining your cooling system by having a regularly scheduled coolant exchange can help maintain peak performance for the engineered span of its life. And remember: maximum performance means better vehicle economy!

Protect your vehicle’s cooling system against corrosion, wear & breakdown with a complete Cool-Rite Cooling System Service!

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Cooling System Maintenance




Meet the Enemy of a Cooling System:



Rusty is an old dog that keeps learning new tricks to infiltrate your vehicle. But one of his oldest and most effective tricks is to take advantage of the corrosive environment in the cooling system that can occur when old coolant loses its protective properties. Coolant that has had its additives depleted causes radiator and heater core tubes to start get restricted from corrosion and rust and scale buildup, which could eventually lead to overheating and component failure. Cooling system failure is the #1 cause of highway breakdowns. So chase the Rusty ole dog away with a complete Cool-Rite Cooling System Maintenance every 2 years or 24,000 miles (or at your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended interval).






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