Kleen-Rite® Engine Cleaning

How much sludge remains in your engine even after a basic oil change? Possibly a lot more than you think. Don’t settle for an ordinary oil change!

This service can help:
  • Promote a more complete drain of used, dirty oil during an oil change

  • Rapidly Clean the Engine

  • Extend Engine Life by Reducing Wear

Kleen-Rite® Engine Cleaning

  • Safely Remove Internal Sludge Deposits

  • Improve Oil Circulation in the Engine
Sludge and varnish deposits are viscous and tend to cling to internal engine surfaces. In time these deposits can accumulate, restricting oil flow and impeding a thorough and complete drain of your dirty engine oil.

These deposits can become quite
The Sludge Monster!

An ordinary oil change is a simple “drain and fill” process. The drain plug is removed and the dirty oil simply pours out from the engine. That means that the dirtiest oil comes out last if it comes out at all!


The solution is KLEEN-RITE Engine Cleaning!

Kleen-Rite helps you destroy The Sludge Monster by breaking down and dissolving stubborn engine deposits so they can be flushed out with your dirty oil!

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Kleen-Rite Engine Cleaning

Engine Cleaning

Kleen-Rite Engine Cleaning (SPANISH)

Engine Cleaning (SPANISH)




Meet the Enemies of a Fuel System:


The Sludge Monster

Is the Sludge Monster lurking inside your engine oil system? Sounds kind of creepy doesn’t it? A monster in your engine oil? Well, if you regularly neglect to change your car’s engine oil at the manufacturer’s recommended interval The Sludge Monster just might be growing in there. When sludge builds up in the engine or oil pan, it doesn’t always drain out on its own when you finally get around to changing your oil.  A Kleen-Rite® Engine Cleaning service can help flush the Sludge Monster down the drain so you can put clean oil in a clean engine!



Sludge Monster



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