Run-Rite® Professional Fuel System Cleaning

This service is recommended every 15,000 miles (23,000 km) or annually, and can help:
  • Restore Lost Power Performance

  • Improve Drivability

  • Improve Fuel Economy

  • Reduce Emissions

Service is recommended every 15,000 miles

As deposits build up on engine and intake surfaces, the air and fuel delivery gets restricted. This reduces power and performance and increases exhaust emissions. Short trip driving, stop-and-go, high temperatures, and idling, all provide the hot, dirty environment that builds these harmful deposits, which can result in excessive exhaust emissions and is sometimes accompanied by an annoying KNOCK & PING sound.


These factors can also adversely affect your fuel economy, and that’s when The Gas Goblin attacks! Fight back against the Gas Goblin by having a Run-Rite Professional Fuel System Cleaning!

Periodic cleaning of your fuel system, every 15,000 miles (23,000 km) or annually, will help deliver the power, performance and fuel economy that you desire!

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Run-Rite Fuel System Cleaning

Run-Rite Fuel
System Cleaning

Run-Rite Diesel

Run-Rite Diesel
Fuel System Cleaning




Meet the Enemies of a Fuel System:


The Gas Goblin

Anyone who owns a gasoline or diesel powered vehicle hates The Gas Goblin! He swoops in, sticks his nose in your fuel tank and drains it seemingly faster than you can fill it …. Or at least, that’s how it seems some days. Truth be told, neglecting regular Run-Rite® fuel system cleaning every year or 15,000 miles is like sending him an invitation to come and feed on your car.


Run-Rite® fuel system cleaning

Knock & Ping

If you own a vehicle and neglect fuel system maintenance, then sometime soon you’ll probably get a visit from the terrible twins of engine trouble - Knock & Ping!  One day you’ll find yourself driving down the road and you’ll start hearing a worrisome series of sounds from deep within the engine that sound like knocking and/or pinging…  Yikes! These are symptoms of a sick car that badly needs a professional Run-Rite® fuel system cleaning before things get worse!


Run-Rite® fuel system cleaning


If you love the earth, then you hate unnecessary vehicle exhaust emissions. Well, let’s just say that Smog could care less about the earth or your air quality. He’s on a mission to put your car out of commission! Fight back with Run-Rite® Professional Fuel System cleaning, which helps reduce vehicle emissions!






Protect your car from the forces of evil!

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