Run-Rite® Headlight Restoration

Are Your Headlights Dimmed by a Cloudy or Yellow Oxidation?

According to one news report, “aging plastic headlights - after as little as two or three years on the road, are becoming so ‘cloudy’ they actually output less light than is needed to legally do their job.” Replacement is costly! The answer is Run-Rite® Headlight Restoration!

Benefits of the Run-Rite® Headlight Restoration Service:

  • Remove unsafe cloudy or yellow oxidation

  • Restore the lens to a clear, shiny & safe condition

  • Improve nighttime driver visibility

  • Significant savings over replacement costs

The Problem:

When the plastic lens of your headlight is oxidized over time (sometimes as little as 2 or 3 years), it can become discolored. Your formerly clear shiny plastic changes to a cloudy fog or even a yellow tinted color. It looks terrible!  But even more importantly - it can be unsafe! If your lens is clouded it prevents the appropriate amount of light from passing through the lens to illuminate the roadway - that means less driver visibility at night!

The Solution:

In the past, the solution was to replace the entire headlight but this can be very costly. This shop proudly offers the Run-Rite® Headlight Service, which can polish or restore your headlight to a clear, safe condition at a fraction of the cost of headlight replacement!


Some of the most severe driving accidents occur at night, and are often caused by poor visibility. One report states that the number one reason for severe night time accidents and reduced driving safety is having dim, cloudy and improperly lit headlights.

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