Steer-Rite® Power Steering
System Maintenance

Doesn’t such a vital component deserve a little attention?

A complete Steer-Rite® Power Steering Fluid replacement service can help:
  • Improve performance

  • Eliminate noise and stiffness

  • Extend component life


When operating properly, your power steering system allows you to easily direct thousands of pounds with your fingertips (not recommended!). However, over time power steering fluid begins to break down.

High under-hood temperatures at the power steering pump (275°F-325°F) attack the thermal and oxidative stability of the fluid, reducing the lubrication and wear protection of expensive power steering components. This can lead to annoying noises as well as steering difficulties. Eventually, component failure can occur. The solution is Steer-Rite!

The Steer-Rite® complete Power Steering Fluid Exchange process thoroughly cleans and protects your power steering system.

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Power Steering System Maintenance




Meet the Enemy of Power Steering:



Heat can attack many of your vehicle’s systems and components with adverse results. When your power steering fluid overheats, it begins to break down and loses its protective properties. When that happens, your power steering system might begin to whine about it! Seriously! Have you ever heard that whiny screechy noise when you go to turn the wheel? That’s your power steering system crying for help!  Come to the rescue with Steer-Rite® Complete Power Steering System Maintenance.



Steer-Rite® Complete Power Steering System Maintenance.



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