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Shift-Rite® Transmission Maintenance

Every year more than 13 million transmissions fail, leaving passengers and vehicles stranded. Is your car next?

This professional service can help:
  • Improve Transmission Performance

  • Maintain Warranty Requirements

  • Extend Transmission Life


Higher operating temperatures, increased driving loads, and time all work against your transmission’s lifeblood - the fluid. That's why many OEM recommendations call for a transmission fluid exchange at 30,000 miles (48,000 km) or sooner. Protect your investment - and your peace of mind - with a Shift-Rite complete transmission fluid exchange!

Having a regularly scheduled Shift-Rite transmission fluid exchange can reduce heat. It can also help keep your transmission performing at its peak and maintain that performance for the engineered span of its life. And remember - maximum performance means better vehicle economy!

HEAT is the #1 enemy of a transmission! Fight back against this villain with Shift-Rite!

Learn more! Download a PDF Brochure:

Download a PDF Brochure

Transmission Maintenance




Meet the Enemy of a Transmission:



Heat is the #1 enemy of your car’s transmission! Heat attacks and destroys your transmission fluid, and when the fluid loses its protective qualities your transmission is in danger of dying!  Transmission replacement or rebuilding can be costly. Fight back against the potential component failure that heat can cause by protecting your investment with Shift-Rite Transmission Maintenance!






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