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Customer Success Stories

Here are just a few of the many success stories Run-Rite customers have sent to us.

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"I have offered the RUN-RITE products for the past five years to my customers and have been very pleased with the quality of the products.

Susan at RUN-RITE sent me a fax about the promotion and information about the product "SLEDGEHAMMER" after reading about the product, I called Susan and ordered Three cases, (144 bottles).

The first thing I always do is try a new product before offering it to my customers. After putting a bottle of the SLEDGEHAMMER in my GMC YUKON, I could tell a difference in the performance of my truck, (after about two hundred miles) I gave bottles to my shop team members, and they could tell a differences also.

We sold-out after three weeks, and we are on our third order, some of our customers have also contacted RUN-RITE direct to let them know how pleased they are about the SLEDGEHAMMER product. This is a GREAT PRODUCT!"

- Owner
of a top quality quick-service store
Florida, USA

"Good evening. Here are my results with Twins (#9777).

Mazda Lantis 1600 16 valve 1999 model. Complaints of poor performance misfiring and hard starting on mornings. Checked vehicle, find dirty injectors. We half the silver tank with sledgehammer, raise the rpm to 2000 and turn the pressure regulator to 50 psi. The process took 35 minutes. The results were more than good.

Suzuki Swift GTI 16 valve twin cam 1996 model. Complaints not idling smooth surging at light, open throttle and stalling. Checked vehicle, find dirty fuel system. Perform 3 step service and clean injectors with same method as above. Results very good. Customer send more people to have the service done.

We have done 10 services with the Twins so far."

- Shop Owner

"Run-Rite products represent the highest quality available. I am proud to offer them to our customers. Their service has been nothing short of perfect and I have never worked with a finer group of people. That is why we have been loyal customers for over 10 years! It's just that simple."

- President
of a highly regarded quick-service chain
Northeastern USA

"Your professional support across the whole country, of our fuel system program, demonstrated beyond a doubt a concern for success. The training you provided
has made this a very profitable service ... but our real success is from a quality product that delivers its promise to the customer!!!"

Sr. Manager, Direct Operations
Leading Service Provider in the Canadian Market

"Thank you for coming to St. Louis and making a presentation to our three stores. It was outstanding and every employee felt they gained something from it."

Former NOLN Operator of the Year