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Shift-Rite 2-Step Transmission Conversion Pack

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Shift-Rite 2-Step Transmission Conversion Pack

Servicing transmissions just got a lot easier!

RECOMMENDED: Every 2 years or 24,000 miles.

This convenient pack contains:

1. Pre-flush cleaner (Trans Kleen #2060)
2. Universal ATF treatment (PLATINUM #2095)


• Improve Performance
• Extend the Life and Reliability of the Transmission
• Maintain Warranty Requirements
• Promote a more complete drain of used ATF and contaminants
• Improve ATF circulation
• Reduce Heat - the number one enemy of a transmission!
• Instantly eliminate shudder and chatter
• Dramatically reduce friction and wear
• Increase the thermal stability of ATF
• Inhibit fluid oxidation and foaming
• Improve shift quality

PLATINUM will enhance Dexron / Mercon to perform like a Mercon V fluid as well as any other Highly Friction Modified fluids (such as Honda Premium, Toyota Type T/TII/TIV, Chrysler Mopar ATF+3(7176), +4(9602), etc.).

For Professional Use Only.