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Run-Rite 3-Step DIESEL Fuel Induction Kit

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About Run-Rite DIESEL Fuel System Cleaning Kits

Every 25,000 miles or annually.

• Improves Fuel Economy

• Reduces Emissions and Smoke

• Clean injectors, Pumps and Pistons

This service can help improve fuel economy, reduce emissions and smoke, and clean diesel injectors, pumps and pistons. Our Low-Sulfur formula is also LOW VOC Compliant (go green!) and Bio-Diesel compatible. The Run-Rite DIESEL Kit is available in 2, 3 and 4 step configurations.


Each kit contains a combination of the following:

Run-Rite Premium Diesel Fuel Treatment (1427) – It delivers the highest level of detergency (Cummins Superior Detergency L-10 standards) and many additional benefits. It can help improve the overall drivability of diesel vehicles.

Run-Rite R.I.D. Rapid Induction Cleaner (1296) – An aerosol induction cleaner designed for super-fast service times. Does NOT require the use of an additional installation tool! Safe for Oxygen Sensors, Catalytic Converters and Coated Components.

B.E.S.T. Oil System Treatment (4300) – A semi-synthetic formula that provides high-quality base stocks and additives to engine oil to reduce oxidation and improve the thermal stability. Delivers proven, tested improvements in fuel economy.

Run-Rite DIESEL B.E.S.T. Oil Conditioner (1477) – Quart bottle. Buffer Engineered Synthetic Treatment. For the ultimate in DIESEL engine protection and increased fuel economy! Delivers documented, tested improvements in fuel economy. One quart treats up to a 16 quart capacity.

Run-Rite DIESEL Lubrication System Cleaner – Quart bottle. Formulated to remove carbon & varnish, clean the ring-land area and restore cylinder balance. Run-Rite Diesel LSC also lubricates and protects critical components. Its oil based detergent formula is designed to loosen and suspend varnish and sludge deposits and is safe for elastomers and seals. Helps improve performance.

Run-Rite DIESEL Induction System Cleaner (1416) - Quart bottle. Designed to remove induction and EGR passage deposits. It contains a specially formulated blend of solvents, detergent additives and dispersants which will quickly, effectively and safely remove varnish, carbon and fuel residue deposits from the induction system. This will help restore proper air flow and performance. Also helps dissolve carbon and varnish from the EGR port, intake manifold, valves, pistons and combustion chamber.

Run-Rite DIESEL Injection Cleaner - Quart bottle. A detergent concentrate formulated to allow the engine to operate on it as a fuel supply. It delivers immediate cleanup of fuel injectors and fuel system components. Run-Rite DIC is designed for use in fuel injection cleaning equipment, both canisters and machines. It is safe for all fuel system components and does not contain harsh solvents.

For Professional Use Only.