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Run-Rite 3-Step Kit

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About Run-Rite Multi-Step Fuel System Cleaning Kits

Every 15,000 miles or annually.

• Improves Fuel Economy

• Reduces Emissions

• Restores Lost Power & Performance

• Improves Drivability

Available in 2, 3 and 4 step kits, the Run-Rite formula is proven to remove carbon buildup from injectors, valves and combustion chambers. It loosens and removes gums, coking, dirt and deposits from the engine to provide better performance and fuel economy in modern engines and fuel systems.

Run-Rite formulas are LOW VOC COMPLIANT. They also DO NOT CONTAIN ALCOHOL or METHANOL, and utilize the finest detergent additives available. Run-Rite is oxygen sensor safe, won’t harm coated or sensitive parts, and can be used on all gasoline powered combustion engines. This includes multec and “pintle-less” injectors. Run-Rite cleans safely, quickly and effectively.

For Professional Use Only.

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Complete fuel system cleaning involves up to 4 different steps. We offer different products for each step depending upon your specific needs:

STEP #1: Fuel Treatment
1007, 1427, 1512

STEP #2: Oil System Treatment

STEP #3: Intake Cleaning
1003, 1296

STEP #4: Throttle Body Cleaning
1287, 1330, 9710

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