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Gear-Rite Premium Gear Oil 80W-90 16 gal keg

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Gear-Rite Premium Gear Oil 80W-90 16 gal keg

For use in Differential Fluid exchange machines.

• Premium multipurpose formula
• Next generation performance
• Helps improve resistance to corrosion and scoring

Gear-Rite Premium Gear Oil (85W-140) is a premium formula consisting of highly refined base stocks compounded with extreme pressure, anti-wear, limited slip, corrosion inhibitor, rust preventative, and foam suppressant additives.

Performance Specifications:

For use in all domestic rear axles and manual transmissions, and all heavy-duty truck rear axles.

Also for use when:

• API MT-1, GL-5, GL-4, GL-3 gear oils are recommended.
• MIL-PRF-2105E is specified
• Extreme Pressure Performance is required
• Mack GO-J gear oils are required

For Professional Use Only.