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FluidRx Underhood Fluid Evaluation Kit

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FluidRx Underhood Fluid Evaluation Kit

Quickly determine the condition of a vehicle’s fluids and whether they need to be serviced!

Fluid Rx One Drop Testing provides quick and accurate visual confirmation that it's time to change a lubricant. Proper fluid maintenance will help ensure performance, extend equipment service life, and reduce overall maintenance costs.

Simply place a drop of the sample fluid or lubricant on the Fluid Rx tester (filter paper), or place a dip strip in the coolant, then compare the findings to the Fluid Rx ISO analysis charts. In seconds Fluid Rx provides an analysis of crankcase and gear oils; power steering, transmission and brake fluids; coolant and antifreeze.

• Expert analysis by every employee every time . . . No tools or special training needed.
• Proof-Positive it’s time to change for the customer . . . Instant Credibility for the service provider.

The Kit Includes:

70 Test Sheets for Transmission, Power Steering, Brake, and Differential Fluids
1 Color Chart & Instructions

For Professional Use Only.

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