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We Bring The Classroom To You!

After participating in our training and certification programs, store owners see a marked improvement in sales and profits!

In the board room or the service bay, Run-Rite brings complete STS (Service-Technical-Sales) training programs to you!

Many Benefits:

  • Instills knowledge and confidence.
  • Establishes the validity of our products and services.
  • Ensures proper procedures.
  • Multimedia presentations and hands-on demonstrations make the training enjoyable and effective!
  • Achieves maximum profits!
  • Certification reinforces training.
Service Training
  • Hands-on demonstrations that teach the technicians to use our products correctly and effectively.
Technical Training
  • Teaches the reasons why our products work, supported by endless 3rd party test data, before and after results, and much more.
  • Instills confidence in the superior quality of Run-Rite products.
Sales Training

(Counter- IntelligenceSM)

  • Teaches how to effectively sell preventative maintenance services to the consumer.
  • Incredible techniques and methods that get dramatic results immediately!
  • Shows you how to maximize Point-of-Salematerial to make the sale!
  • Makes a profitable difference!
High tech and hands-on training
on-site at your location!

This Service, Technical, Sales (“STS”) Training Program is designed to insure the successful roll out and fulfillment of any maintenance service. The curriculum consists of a 3-tiered on-sight training seminar along with a centrally administrated Technical Certification Program followed by a continuing instructional and motivational program.

On-Site Training with Run-Rite

The proven success of this approach has been based on the premise that one of the most important components in the marketing equation for this type of product and service technicians and counter people standing at the last 3 feet of the pipeline between your shop and the customer.

Experience has shown that application of specific training assets that illustrate and demonstrate the validity and benefits of the particular maintenance services offered to this targeted group has significantly impacted sales as a percentage of overall car count.

Put Run-Rite's Unmatched Training Programs to work for your shop today!