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Kleen-Rite Oil System Cleaner

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Kleen-Rite Oil System Cleaner

Put Clean Oil in a 'Kleen' Engine!

Kleen-Rite Oil System Cleaner gets added to the engine crankcase for 5 minutes before performing an oil change. This concentrated detergent formula is designed to quickly remove oil system deposits as it circulates through the engine, allowing these to be drained with the used engine oil during the oil change. Helps:

• Promote a more complete drain of used, dirty oil during an oil change
• Rapidly Clean the Engine
• Extend Engine Life by Reducing Wear
• Safely Remove Internal Sludge Deposits
• Improve Oil Circulation in the Engine

Compatibility: Designed for use in any crankcase application - gas or diesel engines, as well as transmissions and power steering pumps. Compatible with all synthetic, mineral, and ester oils.

For Professional Use Only.