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Kleen-Rite Ultimate ECD (Engine Cleaning Detergent) Tote

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Kleen-Rite Ultimate ECD
Engine Cleaning Detergent

Fast and Easy Engine Cleaning!

Recommended for vehicles with intervals greater than 3,000 miles between oil changes, as well as newly purchased used vehicles with no prior service records. Helps:

• Improve An Oil Change

• Promote a More Complete Drain of Used Oil

• Remove Dirt & Deposits

• Extend Engine Life

• Reduce Wear

After draining the dirty engine oil and replacing the oil filter, one gallon of Kleen-Rite Ultimate ECD is added to the crankcase, circulated in the engine for 5 minutes, and then drained. Another new oil filter is installed, and then fresh, clean oil is added to a thoroughly cleaned engine!

For Professional Use Only.