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Run-Rite 3-Step Kit with Fuel Shot & Sledgehammer

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Highly advanced Nano Technology that can significantly
improve fuel economy for up to 5,000 miles!

Every 5,000 miles or with each oil change.

• Provides advanced, fuel-delivered lubrication
• Improves Fuel Economy for up to 5,000 miles!

Easy to use! Simply squeeze the complete contents of the syringe into the fuel tank.

Why is this product delivered in a syringe?

The proprietary Run-Rite formula contains a concentrated friction modifier in its pure form. In cool temperatures it’s viscous, so the syringe method of delivery helps ensure that all of this highly potent additive makes it into the fuel tank (rather than some staying in the bottom of a bottle).

For Professional Use Only.

Actual Electron Microscope Photograph
of Fuel Shot Lubrication