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Run-Rite Premium Diesel Treatment

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Run-Rite Premium Diesel Treatment

Guaranteed to Improve Fuel Economy!
Cleans-Up Injectors, Pumps and Pistons and Keeps Them Clean!

RECOMMENDED: Every 3,000 miles or with each oil change.

• Improve Fuel Economy
• Reduce Emissions & Smoke
• Improve Drivability
• Clean Injectors, Pumps and Pistons
• Add Lubricity
• Fight Corrosion

Run-Rite Premium Diesel Fuel Treatment is a powerful multifunctional product designed for diesel engines. It delivers the highest level of detergency while providing many additional benefits. It cleans injectors, pumps and pistons and helps keep them clean! Premium Diesel Treatment adds lubricity and fights corrosion. It improves cetane and reduces both emissions and smoke. It can help improve the overall drivability of diesel vehicles.

Run-Rite Premium Diesel Treatment delivers Cummins Superior Detergency (L-10 Standards), and also surpasses the following tests:
• Cummins N-14
• Daimler Benz OM-616
• Peugeot XUD-9
• Volkswagen TDI injector nozzle coking test.

Premium Diesel Treatment also helps protect the fuel pump from low-sulfer fuels and prevent waxing and gelling. It can reduce the cold filter plug-point and inhibit growth of microorganisms. DOES NOT CONTAIN: ALCOHOL OR TOLUENE!

For Professional Use Only.