Run-Rite constantly attacks our own products in the continuous quest for excellence. As automotive technology continues to evolve and change, our research and development team recognizes the need to always “look for a better way.” We understand that bringing the best products to the market is a process, not an event.

This process has enabled us to utilize the most current data from original equipment manufacturers, automotive engineers, and the automotive service industry in order to provide the most effective “chemical solutions” for modern vehicle challenges.



Research and Development

We are committed to continuous research and development utilizing the latest chemical advancements.

valve testing

Comprehensive lab testing

Extensive product testing includes use of a dynamometer, borescope, permascope, an optically accessible engine, emissions lab and road test simulator.

Documented results

Before and after engine tear-downs are also performed and thoroughly documented.

Our People Makea Difference

Each and every member of the Run-Rite family is trained and equipped to stimulate, educate and motivate. We’re not satisfied unless YOU are successful. Our people maintain contact with your staff, keeping enthusiasm at a high level and ensuring maximum results!