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Sledgehammer D.T.I. Cleaner

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Sledgehammer! D.T.I.
Direct Thru Injector Treatment

• Immediate Clean-Up of Fuel injectors and Fuel System Components

• Designed for use in Injection Cleaning Equipment

• Allows the engine to operate on it as a fuel supply during cleaning.

Delivers immediate cleanup of fuel injectors and fuel system components.

For use in injection cleaning equipment, both canisters and machines. (We recommend the #9677 and #9777 tools.)

DTI is a detergent concentrate formulated to allow the engine to operate on it as a fuel supply.

Contains no harsh solvents or thinners that can damage components.

For Professional Use Only.

Delivers the highest concentration of superior detergent additives.

Designed for use with
the 9677 and 9777
Installation Tools.